Tour du ALS

Together we kick ALS out of the world!

9th edition: 11th of June 2020

Under the slogan "Get on your feet to beat ALS" Thursday the 11th of June 2020, hundreds of cyclists, runners and hikers climb the Mont Ventoux together with ALS patients to raise money in the fight against ALS, PLS & PSMA. Tour du ALS is the largest event organized annually by the ALS Netherlands Foundation.

Update COVID-19

Dear Tour du ALS participant and volunteer,

Today we have as organizer of Tour du ALS with pain in our hearts decided to cancel the Tour du ALS, which would take place on June 11th for the 9th time. Given the developments of the coronavirus, we are forced to take this decision, because the health and safety of all ALS patients, participants and other attendees is our first priority. Furthermore, it is not financially justifiable to go through with the organization in these circumstances.

That Tour du ALS in 2020 does not go through undoubtedly raises many questions. The coming days we will work hard to bring all the consequences in the picture and decide how to deal with membership fees, collected sponsorship etc. We will have by Thursday, April 2nd more clarity and information which will be shared with you as you are used to from us.

The ALS League will continue its hard work to raise money for ALS, because our fight against this merciless disease continues.

Let us in these uncertain times take care of each other and ourselves! 

With kind regards,

Team Tour du ALS
ALS League Belgium

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Do you want to participate in the 9th edition of the Tour du ALS? And make your contribution in the fight against ALS and achieve a fantastic work out performance at the same time?


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What is the importance of the Tour du ALS?

ALS is a deadly disease without any medicine available yet. Previously the Tour du ALS raised almost 7 million. Which has actually taken a step towards finding the cause of this disease. In recent years, especially through the MinE research and finding different genes, there has been a little breakthrough. Still there is more Money is needed to do even more research into this. Contribute to this as a participant, sponsor, volunteer or donor.

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Create a individual fundraising page or participate with a team of friends, co-workers or sports team. Need a little inspiration? Look at the great examples below.

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05/05/2020 | 19:34

9de editie Tour du ALS verplaatst naar 2021

Er is besloten om de 9de editie van Tour du ALS te verplaatsen naar zondag 6 juni 2021. Wij willen in 2021 met elkaar een mooi evenement neerzetten! Onze prioriteit blijft altijd om zo veel mogelijk geld op te halen in 2020 en 2021 om de projecten te ondersteunen in de strijd tegen ALS, PSMA en PLS. Heb je vragen over welke gevolgen dit voor jou heeft? Klik hier dan voor de FAQ waarin alle veelgestelde vragen beantwoord worden. 

Wim en Marleen

To: Team Lisa
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Tour du ALS is the largest event organized by the ALS Netherlands Foundation. Under the slogan “Get on your feet to beat ALS” , hundreds of cyclists, runners and hikers climb the Mont Ventoux together with ALS patients. All participants, volunteers, patients, donors and attendees contribute in the steps towards finding the cause of ALS and ultimately a medicine.