Fight with us!

A life changing experience!

You can participate in the Tour du ALS by cycling, walking or running. You can choose to participate as a team or as an individual. The basic principle is that each individual participant raises € 1,500 * in donation money. Every euro of this goes to the fight against ALS. Over € 6,700,000 has already been raised in the last 8 editions.

Why € 1,500? This amount is a symbol for the 1,500 ALS patients who are in the Netherlands.

* Tier; if you participate in the Tour du ALS for the 2nd time then the target amount is € 1,000, and for the 3rd time or more this is € 500.

 The 9th edition of the Tour du ALS takes place on Thursday, June 11, 2020.

 How does it work? You can register at our website. The registration fee is € 130.



What do you get for this:

  • a life changing experience and a spot in our warm Tour du ALS family
  • a beautiful Tour du ALS outfit worth € 100 (which will be revealed at the participants' meeting)
  • your own promotional page; which enables you to collect your donations and place your story
  • a meeting of participants where you can hear everything about what to expect in France
  • a starter package which you receive in France
  • professional care of het Rode Kruis (medics) and physiotherapists before, during and after the climb
  • access to Village du Départ (the 'Tour du ALS Village') in France where you can visit the day itself and the days around it for all your questions, information, catch up with acquaintances
  • Spectacular final party
  • Travel and transport is your own responsibility

Even more important is the memorable experience and the special contribution you make to help ALS get out of the world!




Route info

You can choose how you want to participate climbing the  Mont Ventoux and whether you conquer it at once, twice or take it in three steps.There are different routes for this.


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Patient participation / attendance

More than 60 patients have already participated in the Tour du ALS! A unique experience that they would have never want to miss out on.

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Overview of participants

Do you want to see who is participating in the Tour du ALS or are you looking for a participant or team?

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