Become a sponsor or friend of the Tour du ALS

To make the Tour du ALS possible, money is required. We do not use donation funds for this, but money that is released from registration fees and donations from companies, foundations and organizations. Every euro is important and we are happy to make a customized package for your company. There are also numerous options for support (in services and / or goods).

What are the sponsorship options?

We have many different options for you as a sponsor. These are a few examples to start with:

  • Display your logo and / or story on our well-visited website (with over more than 30,000 visitors per month, figure: May 2019).
  • Displaying your logo on the clothing of all participants (Most participants also do all their training in this work out which means even more chances for your logo to be shown).This clothing can also be ordered in our webshop in the years following after the Tour du ALS.
  • Sharing your story as a sponsor on our social media accounts & website.
  • The mentioning of your company name on our employee polos (these are worn during the event and at all official meetings and company meetings).
  • Supporting the event itself, where your logo is clearly displayed and shown in the online reporting of the event.


Do you have questions or are you interested in the possibilities? Then contact the organization. We are happy to discuss the options with you.


Who is already a sponsor or friend?

In recent years, many companies have chosen to become a sponsor or friend of Tour du ALS.

Click here for an overview of the friends of the Tour du ALS